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We at Imigani, established in 2023, aspire to be key voices championing the creative industry. The name Imigani, which translates to "proverbs" in Kinyarwanda, serves as a tribute to the timeless wisdom of creatives, echoing the enduring insights of Rwandan proverbs.

These creatives, beyond being mere content or art creators, are at the forefront of shaping and defining the cultural pulse of our times. Covering a spectrum from music to film, illustration, fashion, design, documentary photography, craftsmanship, contemporary arts, installation art, architecture, and culinary arts, they stand as the vanguards of cultural growth.

Our podcast, a tangible manifestation of the Imigani Project, engages in insightful dialogues with artists from Rwanda and across Africa. Through these conversations, we aim to unearth shared experiences, sources of inspiration, fostering a sense of collective celebration.

We invite you to delve into the Imigani blog, tune into our podcast, and join the conversation about Imigani within your circles. Together, we can amplify the voices that shape our cultural narrative and ensure that the world recognises Rwanda's profound artistic contributions.

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